About SCNet

Company history and information

SCNet was formed in 1998 to provide high end consulting and software solutions predominately in the emerging web application server space at the time. Due to our employees having worked for Oracle we have traditionally had a strong Oracle and ecommerce background and this led us to setup our first payment gateway for a client in the year 2000. This merchant was a typical dotcom boom startup with a television campaign and payments being taken over the internet. At this point SCNet had the first payment gateway solution in Australia that worked from within the Oracle Database.

In 2003 SCNet released their full J2EE enabled payment gateway server which allowed companies to run their own server in house. In 2006 SCNet released the first payment gateway enabled Web Services API shortly followed by the first AJAX enabled API.

In 2007 SCNet released the first Oracle iPayments / iStore solution and still has the only available solution in Australia. SCNet rebranded their shared merchant server as iPayBy in 2011 and this remains their current offering to merchants running on this platform. This solution enables SCNet to provide an affordable and feature rich solution for small to medium sized merchants. A number of shopping cart integrations have been developed to help small merchants and this work remains ongoing.

SCNet has traditionally been able to provide a one stop shop for high end merchants with complex ERPs like Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) because we have worked extensively with these platforms. We have many large corporations as customers. We can develop the customisations, provide the payment gateway server and have an array of personnel able to do the software development.

  • 1998 - Company formed
  • 2000 - First payment gateway released
  • 2001 - Oracle PLSQL payment gateway solution released
  • 2003 - Solution migrated to J2EE platform
  • 2003 - OC4J and JBoss solutions released
  • 2006 - Web Service SOAP API released
  • 2007 - AJAX Direct Post API released
  • 2007 - XML API released
  • 2009 - Weblogic integration released
  • 2011 - iPayBy product launched
  • 2015 - Direct merchant products launched