iPayBy Administration and Reporting Portal

Our comprehensive and secure web-based Administration and Reporting Portal is available to all our Merchants at

The portal provides you with a range of features to manage all aspects of your SCNet iPayBy account.

  1. Manage and review transactions;
  2. Process manual payments via the iPayBy Virtual Terminal;
  3. Process or refund payments manually;
  4. Run and view real-time transaction reports;
  5. Run and view bank settlement reports for reconciliation purposes;
  6. Download reports to Excel;
  7. Search for historic transactions;
  8. Access the iPayBy Recurring Payments system to;
    • Manage recurring payments;
    • Upload and process payment batch files;
    • Set up future scheduled payments;
  9. Manage your iPayBy AntiFraud settings;
  10. Manage your account settings;
  11. Manage multi-user account permissions and menu options.