Fraud Protection

To help protect your business from fraudulent activity we provide you with access to our advanced fraud detection utilities at

As the world increasingly engages online, so criminals follow the traffic and continue to find new and innovative ways to steal money or sensitive personal information, the currency of the cybercrime economy. Without fraud protection, you could be at risk of losing your merchant facility. By using SCNet and our fraud detection utilities you are protecting your business, your brand and your merchant facility.

SCNet's comprehensive fraud prevention and detection utility, iPayby AntiFraud, provides an effective way to reduce your exposure to fraud by providing the necessary information to detect fraudulent payments before they are processed. Stopping fraudulent transactions also helps to minimise and avoid chargebacks from the bank.

iPayBy AntiFraud lets you set up your own fraud screening rules for each transaction being processed on your website. These series of rules can be tailored specifically to your business needs and are configured easily from within the iPayBy Administration and Reporting Portal.

The customised screening rules are applied to each transaction in real-time and a risk score is calculated. If the risk score exceeds the maximum defined risk level (customisable) then the transaction is flagged as potentially fraudulent and not passed to the bank for processing. (These transactions can be processed later, if necessary, via the iPayBy Administration and Reporting Portal).

Each time a transaction is processed, an email can optionally be sent to the administrator with details of the transaction, including the risk score. If a fraudulent transaction is attempted this email will highlight this for your reference. You can also easily view the transaction risk scores via the iPayBy Administration and Reporting Portal.

iPayBy AntiFraud Bronze

Our standard anti-fraud tool is tailored for Australian Merchants shipping locally and is provided at no additional cost to the merchant.

The screening rule categories include:

Geo IP Address
This rule category checks a predefined list of high risk countries and non Australian IP addresses.
BIN Info
This rule category checks whether the Bank Indentification Number (BIN) is from an Australian bank.
This rule category checks the 3 or 4 digit number on the back of the credit card.
Risk Score
For each transaction a resulting risk score is calculated based on the above criteria and other transactional information provided, for example, the shipping address and phone numbers. This risk score can help you determine the legitimacy of the transaction.

iPayBy AntiFraud Gold

Our most advanced version of anti-fraud utility incorporating the following screening rule categories in addition to those offered in the bronze version:

Geo IP Address
This rule category returns comprehensive IP address and Geo IP information, including whether the transaction originated from an open or anonymous proxy, high risk country or IP address known to be problematic.
BIN Info
This rule category provides the actual issuing bank address and phone number provided.
Bin Match
This rule category compares the originating IP address of the transaction against the BIN issuing country, allowing you to flag the transaction as suspect if they do not match.
This rule category allows transactions to be flagged based on the number of attempts from the same IP address, credit card etc.
Risk Score
A comprehensive risk analysis score and explanation is provided for each transaction to help you determine the legitimacy of the transaction.
* Access to iPayBy AntiFraud Bronze is provided to each SCNet merchant at no additional cost. Please contact us for further information.