SCNet iPayBy Hosted Payments

Our Hosted Payment solutions streamline the checkout process and help protect shoppers by enabling merchants to accept online credit card payments securely without needing to transmit, process and store sensitive payment details.

Using any of SCNet's Hosted Payment solutions will assist in meeting your customers’ expectations for simplicity and security, giving them peace of mind that their card details are not at risk when shopping on your website. At the same time, it will help you grow your business and increase your revenue.

  1. iPayBy Hosted Payment Page
    • When your customer makes a payment they will be redirected from your website to the secure iPayBy Hosted Payment Page hosted on our system.
    • The customer then enters their payment details (including their card information) on the payment page.
    • As the payment page is on our system, no sensitive payment data is received by your website.
    • The payment is processed by the iPayBy system and the customer is redirected back to your website, completing the payment process.

  2. iPayBy Hosted DirectPost iFrame
    • This solution is used to view the iPayBy Hosted Payment Page through a seamless "window" (iFrame or inline frame) on your website.
    • The iPayBy Hosted DirectPost iFrame is inserted within your website and looks as if it is part of your website.
    • This allows you to maintain your branding while the payment data collection and processing is done by SCNet.
    • The iFrame is hosted by us, so when a customer fills in their payment details (including their card information) they "appear" to still be on your website but the iPayBy system is actually receiving and processing the payment data.
    • Note: Your website will need to have an SSL certificate to use this hosted payment solution.
  1. They are QUICK and EASY to implement and integrate directly with any ecommerce website, shopping cart and/or other billing solution - No high-level technical knowledge is required;
  2. Your company branding and logo can be displayed on the secure payment page to compliment your website;
  3. Our solutions are hosted by us, therefore they are automatically kept up to date with security updates, system enhancements and bank requirements - at no cost to you;
  4. SCNet manages all the card payment processing, therefore all major PCI responsibilities are handled by SCNet;
  5. All data is stored safely and securely within the SCNet iPayBy online payment gateway;
  6. All stored credit card information is available for future recurring, scheduled and tokenised payments, if required;
  7. All major credit cards are supported;
  8. Multi-currency is supported.